6 Myths About Braces Debunked

Are you on the fence about getting braces? If so, you may have heard some horror stories about braces that have you wondering if they are the best orthodontic solution for your kid. Don’t worry – we are here to set the record straight!

As orthodontists with years of experience helping patients achieve beautiful smiles, Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders affirm that braces are one of the best ways to improve your smile and oral health. In this blog post, we will discuss six common myths about braces and provide you with all the facts from the experienced professionals at Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics.

Braces are uncomfortable.

People think that because braces put pressure on the teeth, they must be uncomfortable to wear. However, this is not the case! The truth is that braces are designed to be comfortable for patients—many report feeling little to no discomfort when they first get their braces.

Dr. Lee Mahlmann & Dr. Catharine Borders have years of experience making braces comfortable for patients of all ages. They use cutting-edge technology to make every kid’s braces journey something to be excited about.

Braces make it difficult to eat.

Another common myth about braces is that they make it difficult to eat. While this may be true for the first few days after getting braces, patients quickly adjust and can eat their favorite foods with no problem.

Braces are only used for straightening your teeth.

Braces are not just for people who want straighter teeth! Braces can treat dental problems, including misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and TMJ.

In many cases, braces can significantly improve ongoing oral health issues—while straightening your smile as a bonus! If you have any concerns about your dental health, consult an orthodontist at Mahlman & Borders to see if braces are right for you.

You have to wear braces for years.

The length of time you need to wear braces varies from person to person. In most cases, patients wear braces for about two years. Still, some people may need to wear them for longer or shorter periods, depending on their situation.

Braces are only for kids.

This could not be further from the truth! While it is true that many people get braces during their childhood or teenage years, adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. More and more adults are choosing to get braces to straighten their teeth and improve their smiles. At Mahlmann & Borders, we provide orthodontics for the whole family—so you and your kid can get matching braces if you want to!

Braces are too embarrassing.

As we age, we tend to feel more of a stigma attached to wearing braces, mainly because they are apparent when we smile. Luckily, there are many options available today that are less noticeable. Clear braces and aligners are two popular options for patients who want to minimize the visibility of their braces.

6 Myths About Braces Debunked

Start Your Smile Journey with Braces at Mahlmann & Borders

Braces are one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your smile and oral health. When you book a free consultation with our clinic, we can help you decide if braces are the right solution for you or your child.

If you’re interested in something more discrete, Dr. Mahlmann or Dr. Borders will provide you with a selection of our less visible aligners. Call or visit our office to book your consultation and start planning your smile journey today!