Options for Every Smile

Your smile is unique, and you deserve a treatment plan that works for you. At Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics, you’ve got treatment options galore.

Richmond Braces

Whether you choose traditional metal braces or clear ceramic ones, you’ll get the straight smile you want in no time.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are an excellent choice for achieving the straight, healthy, beautiful smile of your dreams. Using a system of brackets and wires and a personalized treatment plan, Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders will expertly shift your teeth in gear.

If you have a moderate to severe orthodontic condition, Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders might recommend metal braces. They’re durable and strong, and they get the job done!

Metal Braces
Clear Braces

Clear Braces

If you want to achieve a beautiful, straight smile but are worried about the appearance of traditional metal braces, Dr. Lee Mahlmann and Dr. Catharine Borders may recommend that you consider clear braces.

Clear braces use white ceramic brackets that blend in with your teeth for a more natural look. This aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces works well for Richmond patients who need the strength and durability of braces but want to avoid the attention that comes with flashy brackets and wires.


Clear Aligners

At Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics, we offer two clear aligner options so you can choose the treatment plan that works for you.


If you want a straighter, more attractive smile but do not want to deal with the hassle of traditional braces, Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders offer Invisalign.

This treatment plan can help you achieve the gorgeous smile you have always wanted without the metal wires and brackets of conventional braces.

At Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics, we customize your Invisalign aligners to fit your unique smile and orthodontic needs. When you use Invisalign, you’ll leave our office with confidence!

3M Clarity Aligners

Our 3M Clarity system represents the next generation of aligners. Using a series of clear aligner trays designed to fit your unique smile, the 3M Clarity system offers the convenience of the removable aligners that allow you to maintain the look and lifestyle that you want.

Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders design each set of aligners to fit your smile. You can easily remove your trays for meals or when it is time to brush and floss.

The aligners themselves are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, and our orthodontists will be happy to tell you more during your visit to our office.

Beautiful Smiles for All Ages

At Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves the smile of their dreams, no matter their age. Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders offer orthodontic treatments for children, teens, and adults alike.

Whether you’re seven or seventy-five, we’ve got the treatment plan that will give you the confidence of a beautiful smile.

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