Orthodontic Health Month: Eating Sweet Treats With Braces

With Orthodontic Health Month now in full gear, it is a great time to remind our patients what to keep in mind when eating sweet treats with braces. Our team at Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics is passionate about educating our patients on orthodontic topics as they continue their smile journey outside our office. If you want to learn more about what sweet treats are safe to eat with braces, their impact on your teeth, and how to maintain your oral hygiene, you’re in the right place.

Braces Come With a Learning Curve

As with any new stage in your life, the change to your routine that braces warrant takes time to get used to, and figuring out what foods are safe to eat with your appliance is just one of them. While not being able to choose exactly what foods you want to eat may feel like a limitation, we hope you find this to be an excellent opportunity to expand your taste buds and discover new foods you would otherwise pass up.

By embracing these changes in your meals, you are helping to move your braces treatment effectively along and keep your appliance safe in the process. This adjustment period may feel challenging at first but remember: the work you put in towards your straight smile is worth the lifetime benefits you stand to gain.

Orthodontic Health Month: Eating Sweet Treats With Braces

A Closer Look at the Rules on Sweet Candies

Safe Sweets

There are plenty of delicious sweets you can enjoy with your braces that will not put your treatment at risk. Anything soft, well-cooked, and easy to bite into has a welcome spot on your plate and in your candy bucket this Halloween! The following candies are great options to indulge in:

  • Donuts
  • Kit Kats
  • Ice Creams (without nuts)
  • Chocolate (without nuts)
  • Chewy Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Cups

Though an inexhaustive list, any similar items are likely safe for your braces. Proactively taking care of your teeth and moderating your sugar intake drastically helps to keep them healthy and safe from issues.

Unsafe Treats

Unfortunately, some candies are forbidden during treatment in order to protect your braces from suffering any damage or pressure they are not built to withstand. Knowing which are off the table, including chewy, rigid, or sticky foods, can save you from an unnecessary orthodontic emergency down the road. We recommend you avoid the following candies: 

  • Skittles
  • Gum
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Jelly Beans
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Lollipops

Any desserts that resemble those above are best to stay away from for the time being, but don’t worry! You will be back to enjoying them before you know it.

It Never Hurts To Ask!

If your favorite candy is not on the list and you are wondering if it is safe to eat or not, give our office a call or ask Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders at your next appointment. We will be happy to answer your specific questions and provide you with a list of safe foods and those to avoid.

Sugary Sweets and Their Effects on Dental Health

When it comes to eating sugary foods, your teeth can suffer if not enjoyed in moderation. Overeating candy too often can result in tooth decay and cavities. For example, after eating a whole bag of chocolate chips, sugary remnants are left behind in the form of carbohydrates, which feed the natural bacteria living in your mouth. 

This provides an ideal environment for acid growth. The acid then can break down the protective shield covering your tooth called enamel, thus exposing you to orthodontic emergencies. You are able to easily avoid similar circumstances by brushing your teeth and flossing to care for your teeth and be able to focus on your new smile. 

Importance of Regular Checkups 

Attending your checkups with Dr. Mahlmann and Dr. Borders to care for your braces and your regular hygiene checkups with your dentist is a very important routine to get into. Our team is able to spot warning signs and other potential problems early and keep them from becoming more severe. 

We are also able to keep track of your treatment progress through checkups to let you know of changes that need to be made on your side or ours. Prioritizing your dental health and keeping your teeth clean can boost your confidence while giving you a better smile at the same time.

Orthodontic Health Month: Eating Sweet Treats With Braces

Happy Halloween From Our Family To Yours!

We hope you now better understand the power of sweets during braces treatment and how to protect yourself from emergencies. The most important thing to remember is that moderation is key. Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics and our team are here to support the Richmond community this month as we celebrate Orthodontic Health Month. If you have any questions about how braces and the effect of sweets or how you can begin your own treatment, call our office to talk to one of our friendly front desk staff.